Keeping your kids safe online

Whilst you can prevent access to Malware & Adult data with systems under your control you can’t prevent access to dodgy websites that remain unsecured on Public or “mates” WiFi connections!

The best and most effective way to keeping your kids safe online and prevent the access of Malware infected or Adult related sites is to switch on network level filtering. This doesn’t require any software or apps to be installed on the end device and provides help in blocking access to the bad stuff on the Internet.

At Home utilise your ISP filtering/security suite. This provides filtering for ALL devices at your home premises – that means anything that’s connected via WiFi or plugged directly into your router is prevented from getting to any inappropriate websites.

The following ISP Services provide this (as of April 2014):
BT – Family Protection
Sky – Broadband Shield
Talk Talk – HomeSafe
Virgin Media – WebSafe

Mobile providers.
If your Kids have a mobile phone or 3g/4g tablet, like most do nowadays, then you should speak to the provider and ensure that you have filtering enabled on the mobile data plan and on the free roaming WiFi service that usually comes bundled with it. All mobile providers provide Network Level Filtering.

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