Hosted PBX Solutions

Cloud Hosted Phone System

Our hosted phone system is fully feature rich and allows you to create your own ring tone and comes packaged as a complete telephone system solution. We partner with Stratus Telecom who provide our hosted services across the Openreach and Gamma Communications network. Hosted Voip (Voice Over Internet Protocol) delivers calls through the internet with the use of QOS (Quality Of Service ) routers and switches to ensure every call is made and received successfully.

Stratus Telecom voice systems

Our customers existing phone numbers are changed from geographical numbers for example, 0208 for London to non geographical allow the same existing numbers to ring anywhere in the world. We are able to assign your existing telephone number to our services and for it to ring at the same time in different locations.

The world and our lifestyles are constantly changing with more and more companies having home workers allowing your calls to be taken in the main office and to either ring or be diverted to other home workers or sites that you choose. The only two exceptions to this are for Call Centre Call Recording Software and CTI (Computer Telephone Integration). These can be added from our premium service for a small additional monthly charge.

Our Hosted Communications Service is the fasted growing communications service in the country.

Providing you the best handsets to date

Our Cisco and Polycom handsets are fully feature rich with functions to include colour touch screen technology and video conferencing at the top end modules with the basic models providing all of the standard telephone functions such as busy lamp fields, speed dials and directory functions.

Hosted telephony solutions

All of our terminals come with our STRATUS Inclusive Maintenance plan which is built into our premium service costs.

To find out how we can save you costs and provide you with your own hosted phone solution, please contact us today.