We’d like to take this opportunity to finally say our official “Welcome to the Frimley Computing family” to http://www.grasshopperdeli.co.uk. Super, Natural, Organic foods and products to help keep your body in balance with today’s lifestyle.

The Grasshopper Philosophy

We advocate philosophy of living in harmony with nature. We pick the tastiest organic fresh fruit, vegetables, dairy, meats and cold meats. We pay attention to vegetarian and vegan options as well as free from ranges to provide you with best choices. You will also find here solutions for general health & wellbeing based on superfoods, which keep your body nourished, detoxed and repaired so that you can operate at your optimal level.



Site build

We built the site originally as a brochure to the shop located in the heart of Aldershot, however after 3 months of trading Grasshopper decided to explore the eCommerce side of selling online. We soon embarked on utilising WooCommerce and after some heavy bespoke integration coding the site was ready for launch. We are now providing the necessary training to the Grasshopper Team to enable them to make their Brand a success. We worked closely on the brief with the Grasshopper Team, helping to shape the system so that it showed the best of what could be achieved with the budget being worked to.

To see how we can help build your Brand’s online presence, please contact us today!