juniper EX Series serial numberThe serial number (S/N) is a unique identifier of Juniper products and is often required for product identification. The information below explains how to retrieve the it on the EX-series switches by reading it from a label on the chassis, by using the Command Line Interface, or through the J-Web interface.

There are 3 methods for retrieving the S/N from an EX-series switch (EX 3200 and EX 4200).

Physical Location

To locate the serial number on the EX-series switch chassis.

The number is a 12 digit format, labeled on the rear panel of the chassis.


To retrieve the S/N by using CLI command.

On the Switch CLI, issue the command ‘show chassis hardware’ as in the example below:

 [email protected]> show chassis hardware
 Hardware inventory:
 Item             Version  Part number  Serial number      Description
 Chassis                                BK0207662087      EX3200-48T
 FPC 0            REV X3   750-021259   BK0207662087      EX3200-48T, 8 POE
   CPU                     BUILTIN      BUILTIN           FPC CPU
   PIC 0                   BUILTIN      BUILTIN           48x 10/100/1000 Base-T
   PIC 1          REV X1   711-021270   AR0206621426      4x GE SFP
     Xcvr 0       REV 01   740-011782   P9904K1           SFP-SX
     Xcvr 3       REV 01   740-011782   P9908BY           SFP-SX
 Power Supply 0   REV 01   740-020957   AT0506630218      PS 320W AC
 Fan Tray                                                 Fan Tray

In this example we identify the serial number of the chassis (BK0207662087), Uplink module (AR0206621426), power supply (AT0506630218) and SFPs (P9904K1, P9908BY) installed on the uplink module.


To retrieve the S/N by using J-Web HTTP interface

The serial number of the chassis is available on the Monitor tab, under System View

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