Mac Mini Mojave screen sharing fault

I’m really happy with the recent investment with the new Mac Mini – it’s fast (using the Core i7) and can handle every program installed (I opted for 32 GB of RAM) but I’ve found an issue when using the screen sharing ability.

I’ve configured the setup to use a headless display (that means no monitor connected) to purely use it via a remote connection. As this only uses the CPU rather that GPU I’ve purchased a “headless dummy display connector” to trick the Mac into using the graphics processor and improve the remote performance and to give me full display resolution settings. I’ll produce a new video to show that once it arrives!

The issue that I’ve found is that when you login remotely to use the Mac, if you don’t logout after you’ve finished using the session then after 5 – 10 minutes when you try to log back in you just get a “spinning” icon. The only way to rectify this is to power off and power back on. The other alternative is to load VNC server (or similar) onto the Mac Mini and then use the Windows VNC viewer as normal. This all works as expected, but why use a 3rd party remote control server when there’s one built in to the Mac that should be able to perform this function. I’ve contacted Apple on this issue and await to hear back – let’s hope they get this fixed in a future update, but for now the options are:

  1. Use VNC server loaded onto the Mac and use VNC viewer – You can also use Teamviewer or similar.
  2. Logout of the Mac Mini once you’ve finished doing what you needed to do (not great!)

Here’s the video that tells you about this issue: