How to boost your low level USB microphone input.

Since Windows 7, Microsoft’s USB microphone drivers suffer from low level How to boost your USb microphone levels using free softwareinput. USB microphone’s that come with their own drivers do not suffer from low levels and work as expected. If you’re a podcaster of vlogger then investing in a high quality microphone is essential and you expect Microsoft you invest in their products too.

In this video we show you how you can add pre amplification to your USB connected microphone to boost the low levels to something that your audience can hear easily. We run through downloading the software, installing it and then configuring the settings to provide you with normal input levels.

In short, the audio drivers on Windows 10 aren’t properly compatible with a USB microphone. Thus, the microphone levels are incredibly low. After upgrading to Windows 8 from Windows 7, Microsoft changed a lot of features; one of those was the driver that is responsible for USB audio devices.

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