Malware removal from WordPress sites

We detected some WordPress malware on a Client website as part of our active security monitoring service and removed a trojan after being contacted early one morning.
We remove malware from infected WordPress sites
WordPress malware removal – The infection was a simple piece of malware that replaced the .htaccess file when ever it was changed. The interesting thing was that the hackers had managed to hide their code in a WordPress core file. Upon further investigation the file that was infected was not part of the standard WordPress install and as such was easy to find and clean.

The symptoms of the hack meant that once the .htaccess file had been accessed the persons responsible could then gain access to the wp-config.php file, which in turn meant that they could access the database. We put the site into maintenance mode during investigations and cleanup, returning the site to normal service within half a day of it being reported.

We provide a WordPress cleanup service for everyone in addition to our fully managed hosting Clients.

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