We’ve just completed a complete network overhaul for a Property Lawyers based in the Frimley Area. We were asked to provide a backup solution from all PCs as they were using a single PC for document sharing and to run an application from. Whilst this wasn’t a bad method, it still meant that there was a single point of failure within the design.

We provided a Netgear NAS device using RAID1 to secure the data across multiple discs. We set up a Public documents store, installed the application and setup the backup software on all PCs with their scheduled job to run at the end of the day once staff had left. This job included shutting down the PC on completion of the backup to reduce power costs.

Network Overhaul

At the network level we removed 2 routers, 2 switches and all trailing & damaged cables. We re-routed the good tested cabling and replaced wall sockets as required before connecting these into a new Gigabit switch. We had to test every cable and socket to ensure that the voice and data systems were separated.

Brogan Property Lawyers network design

The end result was a superfast network with the shared application running from the NAS device and a secure central document store with full backup from every PC. Oh and one very happy Client!

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