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We came across this software purely by chance when looking for something to enable one of our Clients to backup their documents to a USB stick. Normally we’d recommend backing up to a device where there is no chance of loosing your data, such as software RAID backup device, such as a Netgear ReadyNAS, however in this instance our Client was happy with using their USB stick.

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The software is Iperius Backup, which can be found here ==>

How to make a backup to NAS

This tutorial explains how to make a backup to NAS, even from Windows Server 2008 or Server 2012, using Iperius Backup. Iperius Backup supports any NAS device (QNAP, Synology, Buffalo, Netgear, etc …)

In the program main window, let’s create a new backup job:

Iperius Backup 1

Let’s add the folders we want to copy to the NAS device:

Iperius Backup 2

There are a load of additional options you can set for each source folder to be copied. In fact, you can enable the copy of security permissions (ACLs), you can tell the program to recreate in the destination the whole path of the item, to exclude some extensions, or to exclude some specific files or folders.

In the “Destinations” panel, let’s add the destination to NAS. You can write the path manually in the text box or you can select the folder using the button on the right.

Iperius Backup 3

Again, for each destination you can set multiple options, such as the compression and synchronization. In addition, you can also choose an account for automatic authentication on network shares.

In our example, we set the zip compression and the backup type. This instructs the program to create a full backup each time, keeping 3 zip files. In this way you will always have the last 3 full backups, that are overwritten in rotation (this easy a very easy-to-use backup retention policy). Alternatively you can set the Backup type to incremental with number of copies set to 1 – this keeps a single backup directory and only copies new or changed files after the initial first backup has run. This is much faster.

In the scheduling panel, you can set the backup at predefined days and times, the e-mail notifications – to receive a notification each time a backup is completed and to check if there have been errors.

In the last panel, write the backup job name and click on the OK button to save it.

Iperius Backup 4

Once you’ve added your new backup job in the list, you can immediately run the backup by right-clicking on the backup job name and selecting the menu item “Run backup”.

Iperius Backup 5

If you require any assitance with backing up your data, please feel free to contact us!