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Keeping your structured cabling structured!underfloor-from-this

It’s all too easy to let things become a mess in your racks and underfloor.

A datacentre showing off masses of tangled cables is unattractive to the eye and gives visitors and Clients an impression of poor organisation and inefficiency. On top of this, poorly managed cables mean that rewiring or relocating electrical devices becomes a nightmare, so the problem is a practical one as well as simply aesthetic. Cable management systems are the first step to a better looking, more practically organised datacentre or office.

Cable gaffes

underfloor-to-thisYou know the old saying — measure twice, cut once. How many times have you visited a data center to see cables everywhere? On the floor, hanging down from drop ceilings, looped over server racks and over desks. This should simply not happen. Cable layout should be given the care it needs. Not only is it a safety hazard, it is also a disaster waiting to happen. Someone gets tangled up and goes down — you run the risk of being sued AND data loss, all because someone was too lazy to measure cable runs or take the time to zip tie some Cat5. Let’s all adhere to the cabling code of conduct!

Professional Cleaning

In addition to keeping the Data Center tidy on a day-to-day basis, hire a professional cleaning company to periodically clean the room. No matter how diligently your employees pick up after themselves, it is inevitable for scuff marks to appear on floor panels and particles—typically dirt, dust, lint, or metal shavings—to accumulate under floor.

Reduce Cable Congestion

When using a raised floor, avoid filling the underfloor area with too many cables. Your best way to achieve this is to keep all of your cables overhead. Another way to minimize congestion is to run your power cables under the floor and your communications cables overhead. No matter what cables you’re placing in the floor, be sure to use an underfloor raceway designed to keep cables in designated pathways.

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