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Retrieve Serial Number (S/N) on Juniper EX-series switches

The serial number (S/N) is a unique identifier of Juniper products and is often required for product identification. The information below explains how to retrieve the it on the EX-series switches by reading it from a label on the chassis, by using the Command Line… Continue reading

Local breakout + multi-path = happy Users

happy users

Local Breakout We have just completed adding Local Breakout to an existing Client’s remote site that was already using Juniper WXC devices configured with multi-path, to provide more bandwith, which in turn allows us to improve the end User experience. The addition of local breakout… Continue reading

CPU and memory monitor for WXC platforms

A really useful Juniper Engineering command that takes a snapshot and adds it to your syslog. The following is a command for cpu and memory monitor. From the command line: Output: 2010-09-01 12:00:15 CPU Memory Monitor: CPU: 45% free Memory: 30000000 bytes free To enable… Continue reading