Local breakout + multi-path = happy Users

happy users

Local Breakout We have just completed adding Local Breakout to an existing Client’s remote site that was already using Juniper WXC devices configured with multi-path, to provide more bandwith, which in turn allows us to improve the end User experience. The addition of local breakout… Continue reading

Stopping Malware/Spyware in it’s tracks

Stopping Malware Over the last few years Malware and Spyware has changed dramatically and your anti-virus signature based packages that run on your PC just can’t keep up. We’ve found another way (rather than using your ISP content filtering) to block this before it reaches… Continue reading

Spam filter updates for hosted Clients

Spam Filter After monitoring our email system over the last month we’ve decided to update our rules. This has enabled us to provide our Clients with better filtering and to be able to class more messages as spam. We don’t block any email, however we… Continue reading

eMail only hosting plan goes live!

email only hosting

Email only hosting If you don’t need a website but want your emails sent advert free, and associated with your own domain name, then our eMail Only Hosting plan has been specifically designed for you. A premium product from the global software giant, Exchange is… Continue reading

Keeping your Kids safe online!

Keeping your kids safe online Whilst you can prevent access to Malware & Adult data with systems under your control you can’t prevent access to dodgy websites that remain unsecured on Public or “mates” WiFi connections! The best and most effective way to keeping your… Continue reading

Network overhaul for Local Property Lawyers

network architecture

We’ve just completed a complete network overhaul for a Property Lawyers based in the Frimley Area. We were asked to provide a backup solution from all PCs as they were using a single PC for document sharing and to run an application from. Whilst this… Continue reading

UK Quick Ads goes live!

After a few bug fixes, minor design changes and a whole load of new backend security checks on new user registrations, we’re pleased to announce that our Classified Adverts website version 2 is now up and live at http://www.ukquickads.com. It’s completely free to post your… Continue reading

Free backup for home users

Free backup We came across this software purely by chance when looking for something to enable one of our Clients to backup their documents to a USB stick. Normally we’d recommend backing up to a device where there is no chance of loosing your data,… Continue reading

Heartbleed – How to check you’ve been patched

Heartbleed – So you think you’re affected by the recent OpenSSL heart bleed bug? The Heartbleed Bug is a serious vulnerability in the popular OpenSSL cryptographic software library. This weakness allows stealing the information protected, under normal conditions, by the SSL/TLS encryption used to secure… Continue reading

Password recovery for Cisco 800 series routers

Can’t remember the password for your Cisco 800 series router? There’s a fix for that! Follow the following password recovery procedure. The virtual configuration register is in nonvolatile RAM (NVRAM) and has the same functionality as other Cisco routers. You can view or modify the… Continue reading